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At Torok & Company,

we want to help you build your Last Best Place

What could be more exciting than buying a home, adding an addition, or building a garage? We understand that purchasing a home takes a lot of time and energy.  Torok and Company Construction stands ready to provide a comprehensive evaluation with detailed information on the condition of your property.  Our highly trained builders are experienced and certified to meet the industry’s highest standards.  

During a general home build, we install hundreds of items in various categories.  Our expert home builders then provides you with the complete details of your build.  We are available for follow-up phone consultations when needed. Real estate professionals refer their clients with confidence when they recommend Torok and Company Construction. 

The majority of real estate buyers in the Gallatin Valley invest in a professional home contractor before purchasing a property. 

  • Buyers learn about the property up front and can proceed with greater confidence and peace of mind. 

  • Sellers have an option of a pre-listing inspection, which may assist in the selling of their homes more effectively and with fewer surprises.

  • Real estate professionals enjoy more efficient transactions.  

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